Episode 125 – Interview with Dr. Jeff Donatello

Today’s special guest is Dr. Jeff Donatello. Dr. Jeff is passionate about guiding people along life’s journey by improving their Healthspan and Longevity. He does this through cutting-edge Regenerative Medicine, Functional Medicine, and Stem Cell Therapies. Balancing life, family and business are what truly have made him a success, as he and his wife Kelly are the Co-Owners of the Center for Wellbeing with three locations north of Boston. An inspirational, entertaining speaker and author, he has filled up his 54 years on the planet with a relentless pursuit for new adventure and knowledge.

In this episode, we talk about the various therapies that he offers and how those therapies help his patients. There are several current NFL players and former players who are clients of his, which is why we at the FLA wanted to feature his practice.

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