Episode 127 – Interview with Filmmaker Allen Farst

Our special guest this week is award-winning director, filmmaker, producer, and photographer Allen Farst. Prior to his current film “Triangle Park,” which is the subject of our interview with Allen today, Farst released a documentary called “Chuck Leavell: The Tree Man” on the keyboardist for the Rolling Stones. His is a founder of PalMar Studios, an independent, award-winning creative company, and his work has been featured by Panasonic, Maxim Magazine, USA Today, Drone360, Billboard, and Nikon Cinema to name a few. His photography is syndicated via Contour by Getty Images.

For the Pro Football History Nugget of the Week, we are going to discuss the formation of what is now the NFL, and the history of the Dayton Triangles. We also discuss the NFL lineage of the Dayton Triangles. Are they now the Indianapolis Colts? Find out by listening.

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